Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sacrifice Of Praise

Though winter breathes its icy blast
And flowers are no more,
When all around me there is strife,
No sunshine as before...

Though my whole world is shaking,
I don't know what to do,
Still I will kneel before Your throne
And give my praise to You.

For praise can be a sacrifice
When my heart knows no peace,
When I am shaken to the core
And troubles never cease.

But this I know--You are in charge,
In You I safely dwell,
And so this sacrifice I bring
When I would rather yell.

From even evil You bring good
For all who bear Your name,
Your love for us will never end
And we protection claim.

Though praise feels like a sacrifice
On faith we thus put feet,
For praise declares our faith in You
When all appears defeat.


Kara Ashley said...

This is beautiful. The rhyme is very well done. My favorite line is the "we protection claim" because it can mean that protection (being God) claims us or that we claim protection.

karen hopkins said...

The most awesome kind of Praise that Father God longs to hear from us, is our sacrifice of Praise, when our lives might be in turmoil. Even though we might find it hard to do, and a sacrifice, Jesus sees us, and praise as a gift, and a blessing to Him -knowing we gave praise when we might be wounded, or in pain. Great Psalm of your heart, Carol. Very much a blessing tonight.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thank you for the beautiful comments in honor of our Lord. He deserves all of our praise!