Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life Is God's Production

How long, oh Lord, must this go on,
It is so hard to wait,
My life is Your production,
A play that You create.

Depression hovers in the wings
And wants to come on stage,
But by Your Holy Spirit
You guide me through each page.

Discouragement's to play no role,
The cast You pre-select,
And though life's trials play a part,
The ending You direct.

My lines are but to trust You,
To watch and persevere,
The script is held within Your hands
Though shadows linger near.

So, Lord, I choose to trust You
For You this play produce,
And this is but one act, one scene
You'll put to some good use.

I will not trust my senses,
I'll follow, Lord, Your script,
For each scene has a purpose,
No act can thus be skipped.

Dark shadows still may linger
Beyond the gleam of lights,
But when the curtain closes
I'll rise to holy heights.

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