Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Marriage Of The Lamb

I thank You, Father, for this one
That You have given Me,
I pledge to her My faith and love
For all eternity.

I've chosen her, she is now Mine,
I give her all My love,
And nothing can divide us now
For it is sealed above.

I died for her, her sins are gone,
You see her clothed in Me,
For I have paid the price that she
From guilt may now be free.

I take this loved one as My own,
A Husband I will be,
Protection and provision vow,
All power is given Me.

All that I am, all that I own,
Is now My bride's to share,
And one day she will dwell with Me,
Her home I now prepare.

A marriage feast we'll celebrate,
The marriage of the Lamb,
My church, My bride, My righteousness
Will see Me as I am.

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