Friday, November 20, 2009

Get Up, Go Forward

It's true you have fallen,
You slipped and you fell,
You made the wrong choices,
Fell under sin's spell.

Yet you need not lay there,
Your face in the dust,
Your life is not over
When in Him you trust.

From your view it's ended,
From His it's begun,
If you've learned you need Him
Sin's pleasure to shun.

It does not come cheaply,
Forgiveness and grace,
It's bought by Christ Jesus
Who stood in your place.

It's your debt He carried,
It's your shame He bore,
Each time that you fall down
You're hurting Him more.

It's time for commitment,
Stop pleasing yourself,
Put your plans, desires,
On His divine shelf.

Fulfillment, contentment,
Will be your reward,
His love and compassion
On you will be poured.

So get up, go forward,
Forgetting the past,
A new life is waiting,
His mercy is vast.


karen hopkins said...

Love this one, Carol.. Thank you so much for posting it...

Carol Penhorwood said...

You're welcome, Karen. Like I think I've said before, I tend to write from my own experience and was just giving myself a lecture in this one.

Anonymous said...

I too love this one Carol! Can I put this on our site?! I can link it to here, your profile, however you want! I love this and would love to share this with my readers! What do I need to do?

Carol Penhorwood said...

I confess I'm still somewhat computer illiterate...but my suggestion would be to link it to the Christian Poet's Pen site. That way they can take advantage of all the other wonderful poetry as well.
And thank you for your kind comment, it is so encouraging!