Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Treasure that I Seek

Lord, You are the treasure that I seek
the precious gem that is so rare
You are the peace that I am searching for
Lord, in quiet or darkness, I know that You are there

There are many things that You have done
from bringing comfort , to healing of sin and shame
I've come today, to sit before Thy Throne
Lord, I know I will leave, not to be the same

Father, You hear my prayers, even whispered soft
And You see me kneeling before the Throne
You listen to me when I come to confess my sin
and Lord, it's then where Your mercy will be made known

You've seen me weak and weary , Lord
but You give me strength to persevere
Your love and healing brings hope today
Lord, your Presence felt as Your spirit draws near

Oh I am blessed to know You, Father God
when Your mercy whispers, " peace be still "
the grace You've given , Lord , to those who sin
Your arms extended, because Your Love came to fulfill

Yes, Lord, you are the Treasure that I Seek
I stand and rejoice towards Heaven up above
its in Your Awesome presence that joy is found
I come , Lord , to praise You for your Arms of Love

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