Sunday, November 15, 2009

When All Is Lost

In the stillness of the moment
When it seems that all is lost,
Just remember that God's with you
And His love you can't exhaust.

When the weight you bear is heavy,
When you see that you have failed,
When the path you've chosen crumbles
And your heart with grief's assailed...

When you see the way you've chosen
Does not fulfillment make,
When regret and disillusion
Cause you nothing but heartache...

When it seems your life is ended,
When you want to fly away,
Just remember He is waiting,
He can turn your night to day.

When you're too far down to hear Him,
When you feel you go unheard,
Just remember He's been waiting
And He hears your every word.

All He asks is that you seek Him,
He will come and change within,
For He knows what you've been doing
And He knows just where you've been.

There's no need to go on hiding
For He sees a sparrow fall,
Just remember He's been waiting
List'ning for your slightest call.


karen hopkins said...

This just blessed me today for some reason, Carol. It is always so comforting to know , even in the storms of life, our Jesus is right there, waiting for us to call upon His Holy Name... but the best thing about all that is, HE hears us by our name, and waits to bring us peace, according to the circumstances He already knows about ahead of time!

Carol Penhorwood said...

I'm am so glad if this was an encouragement to you.