Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jesus, my Constant Thread of Hope

Hope , in Jesus , a constant Thread
Like His love, it never will run dry.
All hope drawn from God's deepest well,
its to Jesus , we know that we can cry.

And as we walk, and trust in God
our faith grows like a sprouting seed.
And as His love flows from heart to heart,
He pours out grace to meet our every need.

Yes, Gods peace comes to all who ask
even when our trust needs to be renewed.
Jesus comes to sustain us in our quest for hope
Praising God , its us, who Jesus has pursued.

Yes, it's His foundation laid for when we come,
Jesus knows what we will need today to endure.
But our hope is constant in our world of change
With Jesus, we know in Him, we are secure.

Oh for my life, I know I can trust
even when things are not in clear view,
and peace drawn from God's deepest well
Father, just let Your healing come pouring through

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