Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Savior's Love, Divine

To live the life that Gods says to live
even in struggles great or small,
He shows His Love by His extended Grace
as He comes to forgive one and all.

And then from mountain peaks of worship and praise
it's as if the view of the Throne is truly mine
but knowing He died to save each one of us
its there, where we'll all find our Savior's Love, divine

Yes, Your love, King Jesus - so divine
Yes, Love rich in mercy and unfailing grace
and as we come to the highest mountain of praise
Oh Lord, its at the Throne , where I know we'll see You face to face

So as I come before You , Lord of All
and bring my praise to empty at Your feet
it's in that place of true humbleness , Lord
That in Your Presence , I know I've come to be

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