Monday, November 2, 2009

A Mirror of His Love

Only God creates a union,
A love that can endure,
Love that can ride the stormy clouds,
Commitment still ensure.

It's God that caused the two to meet,
Love's arrow He let fly,
And when the two are joined in Him
Their love will fill the sky.

It's God who holds their future,
In Him all needs are met,
With Him as their foundation
Tomorrow is no threat.

For marriage is God's pattern,
A mirror of His love,
For all that's lovely, all that's true
Is given from above.


karen hopkins said...

Oh sister, you do not know how this poem touches me today. Some not so easy circumstances have come to my home, just yesterday, and this poem gives me great assurance, that God is in control . Thank you SOO MUCH, for sharing this.. and even more thanks for the Lord to guide me to it today, when I have not yet seen it .. tears of gratitude..

Carol Penhorwood said...

God's timing is never too soon or too late. He always knows just what we need when we need it. I am truly blessed if the words He has given me have been a blessing to you today. He is holding you in His arms and will not abandon you.