Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fear Of The Future

I know not what the future holds,
Tomorrow may not come,
But for today I trust in Him
And I can overcome.

I need not fear the future,
He holds me in His hands,
If what I dread should come to be
Still I can trust His plans.

Assured that I am loved by God
I need not fear or quake,
The universe is in His hands,
He maketh no mistake.

He only wants what's best for me
Though I don't understand,
But this I know, I have no foe
That He cannot withstand.

And if the worst should happen,
That too I can accept,
For nothing comes into my life
That God can't intercept.

So when my world appears to shake,
When I have lost control,
I could not be in better hands,
On Him my fears I roll.

He knows my heart's desires,
But still He knows what's best,
And so I choose to trust in Him
And now my soul can rest.

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