Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Architect

The architecture of my life
Is one designed by Him,
The joy I feel in His design
Has filled me to the brim.

Inside my heart is altered
Though it's still incomplete,
And yet I see the change in me
And I will not retreat.

Fear's been replaced by His love,
A peace that comforts me,
A shelter built within His arms
To which I often flee.

New tenderness for others,
Compassion for the lost,
A patience that I find in Him
Which I cannot exhaust.

I find I can show mercy,
For I His grace have known,
How can I criticize their wrongs
When He's erased my own?

God's given me new purpose,
Fulfillment deep inside,
When through my life He's others touched,
My soul is satisfied.

I welcome His attentions,
His work in my behalf,
I want His handiwork displayed
Signed with His autograph.

So help me, Lord, to trust You
As You reshape inside,
To make within my heart Your home,
A place You can reside.

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