Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Color of God's Beauty

Lord, I see Your face in every sunrise
I see it in the depths of the deepest sea
I see it in the mountains of Your Holiness
Lord, I've seen it, on the Cross of Calvary

Even as I look into the deepest shadows
O Lord, Your face, it's always in full view
even in the darkest hours of a moonlit night
it's Your Peace that flows between me, and You

So as I look up to the stars in Heaven
where Your Majesty is on full display
the color of each sunrise showing off His wondrous beauty
Oh Lord, there are no words to adequately say

But I'll come to lift my hands in worship
to the One I love so very much
I'll bask in the beauty of God's Awesome Glory
as it falls down on me, with a gentle , filling touch

Yes, just come O Lord Jesus
with the deep filling of Your Spirit , deep inside
Come and surround me with all Your Glory
Oh God, in Your Presence I want to always hide

So with every new sunrise that comes to greet me
and the colors of the morning extends over time, earth and space
It's in that awesome display of my Savior and Redeemer
that we will see the Color of God's Beauty , face to face

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