Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Passion in God's Eyes

Lord, in the fires of Your Holiness
May Thy Spirit come and surround in battle heat
May Your flames of love envelop me , O Lord
And, in You , may there be a strong and safe retreat

As I come humbled in Your Presence , Lord
please surround me with mercy and Your grace
I come , Lord Jesus - with this prayer of humbled offerings
My deepest desire, O Lord - to see Your Holy face

Draw me nearer , O God, in Your Presence
as I come to sit at the table of Your Feast
You - my Redeemer , and my Savior - who welcomes us
even those who feel they are the " least of the least ".

But your passion over all the earth to pursue me
over every road the enemy has taken me down
Lord , oh how faithful Your Love for me
yes, Your Passionate Love , for me, I have found.

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