Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I am Weak.. He is Strong

Father God -
Here I come to You at Your throne
it is there that I realize I am not my own
Lord, help me stand strong, true and sure
Oh Lord, remove all fear, and help me to endure

Bring me to the place of rest
Lord, make me bold to stand for You
To sense Your deep peace as it has come
Lord, this I trust, because of all that You will do.

The world , O God, so ripe with sin
as the enemy keeps trying to break God's children down
but You alone are God and King
Lord, Your Holiness shown, by Your Robe and Crown

So this is what I choose to believe
Father , You are my Lord and King
and though times might be rough and fearful, Lord
All my Praise, and Honor to You, I bring.


Sylvia L. Green-Chatman, poet, author, publisher, graphic designer said...

This poem truly ministered to me today right where I am.

I would love to be a contributor as well. Below are my sample poems and contact info:


For my children, I thank you, Lord;
Fruit of the womb, I know is your reward.
A burden–may I never view them,
But always cherish mine as precious gems.

With your heritage, you entrusted me.
A good steward, enable me to be.
I pray to be the mother You want,
Failing to allow my task to daunt.

Grant me wisdom to bring my kids up true–
In the nurture and admonition of You.
Help me train them in the way they should go,
Teaching them whatever they need to know.

Let me not spare the rod of correction,
But still also show them kind affection.
Balance may I use in my discipline,
Remembering once a child I've been.

May I forego provoking them to wrath,
By example, lead them down the right path.
I must remember when I start to pout:
Children are a blessing without a doubt.

© 2009 Sylvia L. Green-Chatman


What God has joined together,
Let no man put asunder.
To dishonor your wedding vows,
Would be a terrible blunder.

Marriage is an honorable thing;
The bed is pure and undefiled.
It should endure for a lifetime–
Not merely for a little while.

God hates divorce–putting away.
With your own spouse, attempt to stay.
Strive to work your differences out;
Forgiveness is what love's about.

In your union, esteem God first.
You said, "For better or for worse."
Remember that one flesh you are.
Against the enemy, wage war.

© 2009 Sylvia L. Green-Chatman



karen hopkins said...

I am glad that you have been ministered to by the poem, Sylvia.. Thats my heart cry, whenever Father God gives me words to pen..
Be blessed today, as you rest in His presence.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Sylvia, your words speak great truth and are a wonderful blessing.