Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Name Above All Names

Oh Lord, I come humbly before the All sufficient Savior
He who is Wonderful, Counselor, Faithful Friend of mine
You are the Prince of Peace, and Savior
Son of God - no one Greater that we can find

You are the Christ, and the Messiah
Everlasting Father, yes, the Son of Man
You hung on the Cross as my Victor and Redeemer
Praise God, You are the Great I Am!

I will raise my hands up to praise You
because Jesus You are the Only Way, through the open Door
You are the the Truth and the Life , the Hope of Glory
Yes, You are King of Kings forevermore.

Oh Light of the World who came to save sinners
the Morning Star from which we find new birth
You are the source of our salvation O Lord
and Praise God, You are Ruler of Gods Created earth

so with my prayers lifted to the Master
I come to He who became the Sacrifice for my sin
You are Alpha, and Omega -
Oh Lord, the Beginning, and the End


Elena Ramirez Christian Author said...

Beautiful Karen.

Adoration to our Lord, is such an inspiration, as you are. Thanks for being the lady you are in Christ.


Mike Bullock said...


Beneath the mask you’re wearing,
There lies a crumpled heap,
A mass of contradictions,
That you're desperate to keep,
If only people knew you,
A heap of sin and shame,
They would surely shun you,
They wouldn't be to blame.

As you keep on sinking,
Into this pit of guilt,
The devil has the victory,
With all the lies he's built,
God doesn't want to know you,
He wouldn't waste His time,
So carry on your life of fear,
Slide deeper in the slime.

God loves you very deeply,
He wants to hold you near,
To bring light to your darkness,
And banish all your fear,
Through Jesus you have power,
To change your sense of worth,
And be just as He wants you,
His child of joy and mirth.


Come to Me you weary
Wealthy , poor or sad
Maybe you are angry
Perhaps you have been bad
That’s why I sent Jesus
A sacrifice for sin
Which meant that through His perfect blood
You could commune with Him.

You’ve had the chance to ask Him
To enter into you
To form a deep relationship
And change your point of view
Get serious with Jesus
He is your only hope
Why go to hell with all the rest
When He can help you cope.


You’ve spent your life amassing
The comforts of this earth
And still you are not satisfied
With all that you are worth
There’s always something missing
That you want yesterday
Just like castles in the sand
They will be washed away.

Your treasures only fleeting
It’s based upon your choice
And everything belongs to Me
Please listen to My voice
Repent, and turn back to My Son
Or you will rue this day
Just like castles in the sand
You will be washed away.


Mike Bullock

Kathryn Darden said...

Nice poem, Karen, and thanks for posting your samples, Mike!

Mike Bullock said...

Hi Kathryn, would love to contribute to your site and my e-mail is versical@yahoo.co.uk God Bless, Mike.