Monday, October 12, 2009

The Rock.. Sweeter than any honeycomb

Come and stand in the Cleft of the Rock
where there is more than your eyes can see
there is something sweeter than a honeycomb
and He came to heal both you and me

His soothing balm comes to cover you
his love, like a diamond smooth and rare
He comes to revive the weary one in pain
Yes, our Father's peace, is always there

Oh to the bosom of the Rock we'll go
to the One who trades our pain for life anew
He who pour's out His fragrance upon our heads
yes, its Jesus , who will heal us , through and through

May He pour His love on you, like a covering of joy
and may His fragrance fall like a refreshing rain
Just come and rest in the " Comforter " who is our Rock
Yes, He is there waiting to bring joy in the midst of your pain

Yes, Love pours from the sturdy Rock
His provision of life given to all who believe
As you offer your pain, your sorrow, your joys to Him
Sister, in the healing - its His love today, you will receive..

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