Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Beams..One Mercy.. One Grace

Standing on a hill were two beams called Mercy and Grace
Yes, an old rugged cross that ordained the sky
It is on that hill where Jesus asks us to come
To the Cross - where He died for you , and I.

It was there that our sin nailed Jesus to the Cross
His body , held by nails to those wooden beams
Crowned, " King of Jews ", as his head was adorned
But it was Jesus, the Savior , who came to Redeem

His body - yes broken , on that old wooden cross
Yet He went, even knowing our sin , the reason why
As He gave His life as a sacrifice for us all
The cross - Praise God, only a means for his body to die

For when His breath was taken one last time
and His body no longer living as a man
it was there on the Cross - on that lonely hill
that Jesus Christ became the " Great I Am "!

Yes, a Royal Crown was made for our King
adorned in jewels bright and rare
for it was made for the Holiest of All
Yes, it was made for my Redeemer to wear

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