Saturday, October 24, 2009

My God Reigns

From these mountain peaks to the lakes bottom floor
From the dense forest to hillside's open plains
Heavens above where clouds roll on by
I am reminded that this is the mystery of how God reigns

From the quiet sounds outside of a birds lonely cry
each sound a reminder of all that I've gained
from each battle fought this week, both day and night
Yes, I am reminded of the mystery of why God reigns

From what I left behind , to the thread of hope I have
from the cleansing of sin to redemption I have gained
From walking out of sin - heading to His state of Grace
Yes, I am reminded of the mystery of how my God reigns

Yes, my hope is in the One whose Thread remains
His Thread of Hope toughened me when in fear and pain
and bound with gratitude of all that He's done
I know I am reminded that my God will always Reign

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