Friday, October 30, 2009


I was not seeking healing
For You had given peace,
I was content to live with pain
Until You brought release.

Through pain You've drawn me closer,
I've learned to seek Your face,
For through the troubles of my life
I've felt Your sweet embrace.

But then one night You told me
My healing is Your will,
Now I'm content to watch and wait
Until this You fulfill.

I know there's people You have touched
Whose healing is complete,
One touch from You and they were well,
Rejoicing at Your feet.

To others, Lord, You whisper,
A healing word reveal,
And though the healing's incomplete
The promise still is real.

Dear Lord, You've shown You love me,
I trust You in my pain,
And I'm content to wait for health
If through this others gain.

Help me to be a candle,
In pain let me burn bright,
And may the fire not destroy
But love for You ignite.


karen hopkins said...

There seems to be a consensus, Carol, that God alone is Healer..
Thank you so much for sharing this reminder of what all Christ can do .. Your writing is an awesome blessing... Keep posting, sister!

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Karen. I didn't realize until after I posted "Healing" that we were on the same "wave length". God has a way, doesn't He?

karen hopkins said...

Yes, Carol, He certainly does! And even more, God is the ONLY way! Blessings, sister...