Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heavenly Intercession

I am your Intercessor,
I have My Father's ear,
And constantly I plead for you,
In love I persevere.

I see the paths you travel,
The roadblocks in your way,
My purposes will be fulfilled,
For your success I pray.

My prayers are ALWAYS answered,
For you I intercede,
So, child, keep your eyes on Me
And follow where I lead.

You put such stock in others' prayers
But fail to understand,
That I'm the author of your faith,
I sit at God's right hand.

I fashioned you in pure delight,
Created you unique,
Who better, then, can plead for you,
Your good I always seek.

So, child, don't be fearful,
Just fix your eyes on Me,
Abundant life I have for you,
This is My guarantee.

It's I who have the power,
So trust Me and obey,
For I know how to care for you,
And for you always pray.


karen hopkins said...

I really like this poem - it draws me into the presence of God as I see Him as my Intercessor .. the One that loves me for who I am, regardless of my sin. But He loves me even more by not letting me stay there in that sin.. Your description, Carol, just reminds me how far the Lord has taken me from my sin, and how close He has drawn me to Himself..

Carol Penhorwood said...
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Carol Penhorwood said...

Thanks for your comment, Karen. Being new to this site, I appreciate any reviews, comments, and criticism. That's the way I will grow both in my writing and in my spiritual life.