Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eternal Life

I've got this insurance, it just cannot fail
It's certainly foolproof and pays on the nail
It covers the seasons of plenty and strife
It's backed by the promise of eternal life.

The eternal salesman will knock at your door
By letting Him enter, your prospects will soar
He'll leave a memento, a guide to your plan
By quoting you happy, he'll do all He can.

The catch is quite simple, you follow His rules
To keep you apart from a world full of fools
The payout is treasure, put by up above
Safe from destruction, invested in love.


Kathryn Darden said...

Hi Mike!

Welcome to the board! I enjoyed your poem.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Very clever! I guess I'm one of your greatest fans! Again, a great job!

Mike Bullock said...

Thanks for your nice comments, I look forward to putting more on.