Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Purpose of the Valley

The purpose of the valley
Cannot be glimpsed below,
But only on the mountain's height
God's plan we'll fully know.

Though rocky be the pathway,
Agility is born,
And perseverance paves the way
To climb the Matterhorn.

Endurance is the product
Of walking through the mire,
It's preparation for the climb
Our souls need to acquire.

The valley is not punishment,
It's just a training ground,
It's simply basic training,
A path to higher ground.

For once we reach the mountain height
The view will be so clear,
The difficulties that we faced
Will tend to disappear.

We'll gain a new perspective,
What once caused us deep pain
Was used as tiny stepping stones
To everything we gain.


Mike Bullock said...

Another awesome poem, you needn't worry about your style, it reads rhythmically to me.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thanks, Mike. I value your comments and others as well. I really want to learn all I can. I'm new at this and just write what God has given me.