Sunday, October 11, 2009


My child, it makes no difference
What you are walking through,
In the meadows or the briars
God is walking there with you.

He'll bring you through them safely,
You never need to fear,
The briars though they're painful
Will cause you to draw near.

If you only crossed broad meadows
You would then be unaware
Of God's goodness and His comfort
In life's perplexing snares.

If you had known no heartache
And experienced no pain,
Your spirit would be poorer
For no growth would you attain.

Though briars leave their mark on you,
They painfully succeed
In driving you to seek the One
Who'll heal you when you bleed.

In every life there's briars,
Though the meadows we prefer,
For we learn we are dependent
When the painful we incur.


karen hopkins said...

Very lovely.. Such a mind picture for me, as I often go berry picking in the summer, and walk away with a bounty of berries, but painful scratches, ect from the bushes in the woods.. Thanks for sharing, Carol..

Carol Penhorwood said...

You're most welcome, Karen. Thanks for sharing your comments.