Monday, October 5, 2009

His Love Worth more than Silver and Gold

Oh how I know the Lord is with me
I feel His Presence standing near
He listens to my joys and my laughter
and He brings comfort in every falling tear

Yes, it's our Father we'll find in the darkness
His Love worth more than all silver and gold
He is Someone who'll never leave us or abandon
Yes, its Jesus, the Greatest Love story, ever told.

He is Redeemer, Lord and Savior
By His blood, He's washed our sins away
His Love came to heal the broken hearted
and has these words He longs to say:

I've come to save those lost in sin and darkness
with wounds that have kept you walking all alone
with my Grace and Mercy freely given
Oh yes, My Love, the greatest ever known

For I am Jesus , the King of Glory
I come to give New Life to one , and all
I'm here to bring forgiveness, and My healing
When on My Name, you will call.

Then you will know I will be with you always and forever
as you sense My Presence standing always near
Child, just come to Me for I am waiting
In Me, you'll find there is nothing more to fear.

Yes, it's my peace you'll find even in the walking
as you come boldly before the Throne
You will find resting in the newness
For I am Jesus - and I have claimed you for my own

So just lift your eyes to me , the Savior
and leave your sin and shame here with me
for then you'll find my Word standing faithful
because in your presence, its you where my love will always be.

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