Friday, October 9, 2009


This won't last forever,
This too shall pass away,
These clouds of doubt, discouragement,
That hover o'er my day.

This won't last forever,
Emotions come and go,
And though it seems there is no end
This too will pass I know.

Far too much time is wasted
In anxiety and fear,
Consumed by what may be ahead
That never does appear.

These fears consume my peace of mind
And eat away my joy,
Another day is wasted,
A day I should enjoy.

Remind me, Lord, that You are here
To walk me through each day,
There's nothing that's too hard for You
And by my side You'll stay.

Each day's a precious gift from You,
No credit, no return,
So help me as each day unfolds
The beauty to discern.

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