Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Blossoming

He did not plant us on this earth
To manage on our own,
To let the weeds crop up and choke
The seed in us He's sown.

The blossom that He's promised
Does not come overnight,
It takes abiding in the Vine,
His nourishment invite.

The blossom is not given,
The fruit from it is grown,
The love, the peace, the patience
Within our hearts is sown.

Our ministry, our outreach,
Is not our main concern,
It's intimate attachment
Our spirits first must learn.

For we can't give to others
What we have never known,
It's in connection to the Vine
These seeds of fruit are sown.

The life-blood of the vineyard is
The love that comes from Him,
And when we're nourished by His love
The blossoming begins.

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