Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Greater Love

Lord, it was You who set the boundaries of earth
in the creation of summer rains, and winter snow
it was You that created both life , and breath
Yes, it's been You ,that follows me wherever I go

And in everything that has been created of Your hand
whether created for reason , or maybe , just for fun
We know , O God, You're the One who Reigns above
For on the Cross, the Victory has been won

Oh Great is Your Love, that has been given to me
Love , more Powerful than raging winds, or stormy seas
O Lord, as I lift my eyes to where You sit on the Throne
I am humbled ,that Your Love , has reached even me..

Reading Psalms 8:3-4 , today, was the inspiration behind this prayer poem .


Carol Penhorwood said...

There truly is no greater love than God's love. We can always count on Him.


Who meted out the heavens,
Counted the stars in space?
The solar system's whose design?
Who set the moon in place?

Who laid the earth's foundation?
Where does the dark reside?
Who sends the lightning on its way?
Who orders out the tide?

Who sees the smallest sparrow fall,
Causes the rose to bloom?
Who counts the hairs upon your head?
Who formed you in the womb?

And yet you cannot trust Me?
I know not what to do?
I can control the universe
But not what troubles you?

Do you not know, have you not heard,
My love for you is great?
And I am God Almighty,
I make the crooked straight.

Carol A. Penhorwood

Mike Bullock said...

Hi Carol, thanks so much for your kind comments. You have a gift as well and I would be happy to let you know of other sites that I belong to, to share your gift with. I have two websites, and Have a look and see if you fancy starting up your own. God Bless,Mike.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thank you, Mike. I appreciate your kind comments. I will check out your suggested websites. I also like the website. Have you checked that out? I would also be interested in reading any other poetry you may have available if you can direct me to them.