Friday, October 16, 2009

Jesus says..

Jesus says,
I see the tears run down your face
Is there something I can do for you ?
I want to come and take your pain
For I know just how much you're going through.

But I can't take the pain away
unless you open up , and let me know
All I ask is you give it to Me now
and trust I'll be here wherever you go

I'm like the rain that brings fresh air
and after a storm, like a birds whistling that you hear
but you need to come to the foot of the Cross
for that is where you'll see Me standing near

Just remember Child that I love you so much
and in time you will begin to know and understand
that the pain you feel right now , is not from me
but your healing is what you'll know I have planned

I know its hard to carry on
your heart is heavy once again
but Child, its not you that holds this shame
for you are freed from your old life of darkened sin

Remember, My blood has washed you clean and pure
Oh how my heart rejoices in the love I have for you
So rise up with faith of an eagle that soars
and know My strength is here to always carry you.

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