Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thoughts From The Backyard Swing

beneath the peaceful towering oak
we sleepishly glide through the breeze of twilight
breathing in the last of cool summer air:
quiet thoughts replenish my weary soul
echoing come, sit, rest with me,
untangle from the chaos of the day.
the two of us, together, in moon-made silence
watch evening settle over dusty distant fields;
earth's parched dirt, rises up, crumbles
the rose petal's fragrance dissipates with season's end;
sounds of today whirl around me.
I pause, listen, head bowed
a child's sleepy whisper of prayer
drifts through the solemn hush of neighboring yard;
praise His name,
His word endures forever

1 comment:

karen hopkins said...

I love this mind picture, Donna.. It's to cold here in the mountains of eastern Oregon to sit outside right now, so how bout I come join you on your swing, and talk Jesus? LoL, thanks for posting such a beautiful picture for us today.